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    90 Ultra Sucker

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    • 90 Ultra Sucker, External Top Breather, Chrome Finish
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    90 Ultra Sucker

    A fusion between style and function this velocity stack is the first on the market to feature an internal cotton filter. As with all intakes this velocity stack starts off as one massive block of 6061 billet aluminum. After multiple machining processes the velocity stack takes shape and its appeal is realized. Swept forward on the 90 degree elbow allows for maximum air flow and rider comfort. All hardware is included for a complete installation, based on your application.

    Whats Included

    • Chrome Breather Bolts
    • Stainless Fasteners / Hardware
    • Gaskets
    • Billet Aluminum Support Bracket
    • Billet Aluminum Top Breathers (where applicable)
    • Mandrel Bent 90 Degree Elbow
    • Billet Aluminum Velocity Stack with Internal Air Filter

    Head Breathing Options

    With all four stroke motorcycle engines, crankcase ventilation is required. We offer two methods of venting the heads. Customers can choose from our patented external top breathers or our one-piece internal support bracket. The internal bracket contains a breather passage back into the air cleaner / air filter. The internal venting will require little to no servicing and, for some customers, may provide a cleaner look. If you choose the external breathers, there is a small cleanable cotton filter inside the top breather housing that will require servicing when full. The choice is yours and if you need further information in making your decision please feel free to contact us.

    To learn more send us a message, or call us at (866) HOT CYCLE.


    Air Filter For:

    Replacement Air Filter

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    • Filter, 90 Ultra Sucker
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    Wimmer Custom Cycle exclusively manufactures our own line of cleanable / reusable air filters. We design our air filters to provide superior filtration, thus allowing proper protection of your engine, while maximizing the airflow of the air cleaner / air intake you have purchased. Each air filter is designed to our own unique requirements and specifications based on the air cleaner / air intake it was designed for.

    The air filters are manufactured from multiple thin layers of surgical grade cotton mixed with polyester. The cotton polyester mix is then sandwiched between two layers of epoxy coated wire mesh. Pleats are then formed, allowing for increased surface area which in turn leads to increased efficiency. The pleated assembly is then shaped and molded with urethane to its final product.

    Since Wimmer Custom Cycle’s air filters are manufactured from a cotton / polyester blend, they can be cleaned and re used. The cleaning process is fairly simple and requires no special products. The frequency of cleaning will depend on environmental factors and usage; a good rule of thumb would be once a year or every 15,000 miles. (More frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on environment)

    Please follow the steps below for cleaning:

    • Rinse air filter with water from the clean side out to remove large dirt particles
    • Use mild dish detergent and allowing the air filter to soak for 15 minutes
    • Gently swish the filter around in the soapy bath
    • Rinse air filter with water from the clean side out to remove the remainder of dirt particles and to flush out all soap, repeat process until water flows clear
    • Shake off excess water and allow the air filter to dry, DO NOT use compressed air

    Rainsock For:

    Replacement Rainsock

    Product Details:
    • Rainsock, 90 Ultra Sucker, Black
    • Price:

    Rain Socks

    Wimmer Custom Cycle rain socks are designed to provide water repellent protection and enhance the efficiency of all exposed air intake assemblies (air filters and/or velocity stacks), while adding little restriction to the airflow of the intake. All rains socks are constructed with a proprietary polyester mesh and then treated with a hydrophobic water repellent process. The rain socks are designed specifically for each individual air filter and/or velocity stack to insure superior fitment and performance. Most rain socks are available in six standard colors.

    The average life cycle of the water repellent treatment is 1-2 years, depending on conditions and usage. The rain socks are NOT water proof.